From the middle of February, 2020 visitors to Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, the oldest zoo in the world, admire its new star. Now they can watch the baby polar bear. The Schönbrunn mini-bear was born in November. But polar bear cubs are very weak, so zoo-caretakers and scientists were watching the fluffy baby carefully for the first months of its life.

The small bear appeared to be a girl. Schönbrunn Zoo announced a contest to choose the name for its new inhabitant. The name should be short and expressive. Everyone can send a possible name to a special e-mail address.

Activities of the mini-bear

Zoo-caretakers didn’t waste their time while the baby bear was spending the first days of its life near her mother Nora in a special isolated container. They constructed a realistic landscape, which includes rocks, trees, bushes, streams and puddles. The baby explores it with the help of Nora. Most of all it likes climbing the trees and stones. And, as any other polar bear, the Schönbrunn baby bear adores water. So in the evening the baby bear-girl looks more like a wet dirty puppy.

Baby polar bear is the new star in Schönbrunn zoo in ViennaPhoto by Lisi Niesner

Baby polar bear walking on the stone in Schönbrunn ZooPhoto by Lisi Niesner

Baby-boom in the Zoo

The Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, Austria, is not only the oldest (founded in 1752) zoo in the world. It was included in the list of five best tourist attractions in Europe. Two million visitors a year come to this Zoo which gained even greater popularity during the baby-boom of the last few years. New technologies of artificial insemination and care of newborn baby animals gave life to a baby girl elephant Kibali, a small sea lion, meerkat babies, small lemurs and a panda.

Schönbrunn Zoo is one of Vienna’s main attractions. Besides taking a sightseeing tour around the city tourists can enjoy watching animals at the Zoo.