Once a year City Hall Square in Vienna turns into a huge skating rink. Ice-skaters of all age and level have an opportunity to enjoy this big ice rink from January to March. Vienna Ice World is considered to be the biggest open air skating rink from artificial ice in the world. It consists of 2 levels and this peculiarity makes the place more unique. Skating at Vienna Ice world is one of the fun activities. You can visit the skating rink in the evening after your sightseeing tour around the city.

Photo by @chaulafanita

Emotions that are more valuable than money

Colorfully illuminated building of City Hall creates charming fairy tale atmosphere. It serves as a perfect background for this beautiful skating rink. The ice area of 9,000 m2 gives a splendid opportunity to skate for people of all age.

The Sky Rink is situated on the first floor. It is a terrace with a ramp which is 120 meters long. It’s difficult to find one more place where people can rush along the ice on 2 levels. Everybody who wants to experience breathtaking activities on the ice will find them here. The ice attraction works daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Here you can skate to the music you like whether it is elegant sounds of waltz or rhythmic bits of popular bands. The emotions which you receive here are worth the money paid.

Ice Path – Curly Way to Fairy Tale

City Hall Park has a winding ice path. Both amateurs and professionals can enjoy skating through idyllically illuminated tracks. There is a practice area that works for young visitors. Kids can exercise their skills each day except weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. But exactly at 5.00 p.m. the path turns into eight loopy passages. Here all skating enthusiasts can try their proficiency.

Offered Services

Visitors of Vienna Ice World are welcomed in nearby restaurants. Restaurateurs are always glad to suggest their best masterpieces of national cuisine. All dishes are prepared from organic ingredients. Skaters can try the dishes at outdoor boosts and in famous Austrian Almhütte with terraces. Besides this all skaters can count on other services:

  • Warming drinks. Ice is perfect but cold. You can always get warm with tea or flavored punch.

  • Lockers. In them you can put shoes and clothes which you do not use while skating.

  • Ice skates rent. Visitors have an opportunity to rent a pair of skates. A total amount of skates is 2,000 pairs. All of them are previously heated with warm air. It will make additional convenience for skaters.