Kreuzenstein Castle and Falconry

Kreuzenstein Castle and Falconry is an individual tour that will give you the felling of travelling back through centuries to the medieval ages. The beautiful Kreuzenstein Castle is located only a few kilometres away from Vienna on the hill 260 meters above the Danube River. The owner of the castle, Count Nepomuk Wilczek was one of the most remarkable personalities of the 19th century. Thanks to him the magnificent and impressive Kreuzenstein Castle has risen from ruins in just 30 years. One the attraction in the cstle is The Knight hall. This room has always been a centre of castle’s life and contains the exquisite examples of antique furniture. You will see the count’s 500-year-old wooden alcove where the owner of the castle slept.  The tour will give you an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the medieval life in the castle. The highlight of the Kreuzenstein Castle and Falconry tour will be a unique falconry show. Falconry is one of the oldest ways of hunting and is protected by UNESCO as cultural heritage of mankind.

Possible entrance fees are not included in price.