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Sound of Movies - Musical Tour to Salzburg

Excellent experience!!!
The drive was a little long but the experience was great! A lot of trivia information by driver and tour guide.

Alexander,Cyprus (Κύπρος),Larnaka

Alpine Panoramic Tour to Hallstatt from Vienna

Elena was great!
The tour started on time from outside the Albertina and our guide was Elena. She kept us going throughout the day with commentary all during the trip.
Hallstatt was beautiful but with slightly erratic weather. It was raining one second and the sun comes out the next. Recommended to take the funicular to the top, visit salt mine and the boat cruise too. Set aside a day here. If you can, stay the night and visit the opposite side of the lake. It is wonderful.
We returned to Vienna after 8 pm.

Taylor M.,United States,Los Angeles

Sound of Movies - Musical Tour to Salzburg

I was very glad to be able to see many locations of the film, and to learn many things about the real family! Great tour!

Jan B.,United Kingdom,Manchester

Alpine Panoramic Tour to Hallstatt from Vienna

We enjoyed the trip very much!!!

Lingling Zhang,United States,Chicago

Sound of Movies - Musical Tour to Salzburg

Excellent tour!
This was a fun experience. It lasted the entire day. We were able to see all the big sites from the movie and a lot of Salzburg, Lake Mondsee, and more!

Heather H.,Ireland,Dublin

Salzburg and Alpine Lakes Tour from Vienna

Amazing tour with amazing views. Both of the guides knowledgeable.


Fairytale Hallstatt and the Alpine Peaks

The winding country road around amazing lakes in Austria takes you through to this Fairytale land which is even more beautiful than its pictures sent round the globe on postcards.
I think this is one of the most picturesque places we have visited and I would recommend it highly for all visitors to this lovely country.

Abid F.,India (भारत),Chennai

Individual Tour to Salzburg from Vienna

Great tour!
We want to give our huge thanks to Anna, who is so skilled, knowledgeable and presented everything in an engaging and fun way! Thank you, Anna!
The tour was great, beautiful nature, history, comfortable ride, we are happy!

Tom and Cindy,United States,Cincinnati

Sound of Movies - Musical Tour to Salzburg

This is a great tour) Loved all the sound of music sights! The tour is great and if you are a sound of music fan you will love it. The tour was enjoyable. I just suggest bringing some snacks with you because it’s a long day.

Janice W.,United States,New York

Alpine Panoramic Tour to Hallstatt from Vienna

Simply amazing tour! The best day from my Austrian Holiday!
It’s been 2 weeks since I took the tour and even 2 weeks after I am out of words! I was a solo traveller in Austria and I thought I could get a day trip in Hallstatt! Everything, from the beginning to the very end of the tour was very well organized. Very comfortable mini bus, convenient stops and the best tour Guide – Ilona! Besides the amazing places that you visit during the day, Ilona is worthy to mention and say huuuge thanks for being very informative, very helpful and simply the best tour guide I have ever met! Now, regarding the Hallstatt and the Admont Abbey – I would score those two places with the highest points! Hallstatt is something eternal and out of this world. That place is under the Unesco heritage listed site and that says everything!!!

I would highly recommend that tour to everyone! I have had tons of day trip excursions from many companies but considering the best tour guide and Hallstatt/ Admond Abbey, I would say that right exactly that tour was the best out of the best from my experiences.